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Hello frens, hello to all the many, numerous souls that read this, and care for me (zero, 0).

Anyway, I recently had an idea to register a new domain. A blank page, to start over on the internet, and furtherly, expand my reign through the purchase of new domains for my great kingdom. And, of course, gain more of that sweet sweet internet respect money. Like “OMG you dont have a f-ing domain? Dont you ever speak to me again you absolute tool”. Yeah right? So, what happens is that I plan to acquire a new hosting subscription, and free this small duchy from the bonds that come indirectly from being hosted with my company (wich I am grateful for of course).

Regardless. The subscriptions i’ve been looking into come with a rather positive plus, a free domain registration for a year. So my plan is to pick one not attached to my person, a more or less anonnymous place, so I can spit on people without their knowledge. Think of the sheer posibilities, [with all the space the hosting comes with over 20 gigs] I could host a forum, a fucking [redacted] or whatever the fuck I want, I’ve recently been awaken to the beautiful world of subdomains, so anything’s possible. About that [subdomains, or how i’ve come to call them, “subdos”], I plan to have some good fun with those here.

Anyway, epic funtime my little diary time

[le diary]

So, today mein vater came by to bring me my packets of stuff I bought online. Inside it there was a 32gb data traveler kingston drive, a HDD barracuda 1tb and a SATA cable. Yes, it finnaly arrived. I brought my pendrive along me to work, and during lunch brake I bouthg a string, to attach the drive to, and know I wear it around my neck. REALLY stylish, as I say, an IT student will never be the “IT guy” until he has a fucking drive he carries with him everytime and everywhere, and with bonus points if he wears it around his neck.

[/le diary]

Things are going well for me this month, and this week was particularly happy. Mister Boss told me we will be doing html sites again and dropped 2 big projects on me. Also I got to mess around with performance hacking for wordpress sites, and I ended up learning a lot. Relations with coworkers and friends are looking great. I have this thing where I feel super well after having a good convo with someone. Future is looking bright, my frens.

By the way, thats how I will address people who read these now on, frens.
As always, thank you for stopping by my little corner of the web.

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