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Hey guys, so, it might be that nobody reads these and that’s ok, I think that writing down some slice of my life helps me a bit.
Anyways, I just noticed that all that entries in this blog are monthly, so my psicosis noticed this and forced me to write this down before this month officialy closed, for pattern’s sake, because I didn’t intend to writing this at all.

So, let’s begin with the website, I updated it, polished ALL the code, both the PHP and the HTML/CSS. It looks beautiful. I scrapped the idea of comments, but a version with a working prototype did go live. Now we have like/dislike (more like dislike/hate) system and that’s about it. I think this site is basically done for now.

As for me, well, I finnaly managed to land a new job and i’m loving it. I couldnt possibly express just how much I like it, and how much I like my boss and coworkers. It’s web development and it’s great. Payment is good enough and I hope I manage to keep it. This were some looooong vacations indeed but it’s now almost over, I can’t wait for this month to end so I can finally get my first payment so I can spend it all, but at the same time I don’t wanna go back to Uni. I’ll have to go to college directly after work, so it’ll be really tiring and stressful. Oh well.

The thing is I would be contenplating suicide if it wasnt for the voices inside my head constantly talking to me. I was spending all day long alone at house doing nothing, now I love my routine. I wake up early (not too early), get home late (not too late) and work only 6 hours. But with Uni i’ll be arriving at 10pm so yeah.

The voices inside my head are getting increasingly louder and louder and WON’T SHUT UP EVER, all the time i’m not doing something productive, they are actively disscussing their ludic ideas on my brain. Can’t say I dislike it, but it can’t be healthy. Anyways, the only thing I’m disliking is my new lack of time for everything, I don’t have time for my personal projects nor games and that’s only getting worse with Uni. Guess this is what it means to be an adult.

This month was a snowball, after getting the job lots of things happened, many sad things involving my beloved cousin Lara and some other shit. I spent a whole week by myself at home while mother was away and I loved it. I did miss going to work during the weekend, as I spent it alone. Anyhow, this was an awesome month and I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next. I finaly feel confident myself, unlike how usually the voices artificially inflate my ego.


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