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As the year once again reaches it’s end, this particularly turbulent one continues to surprise us, I remain faithful to the one Truth.

Must importantly, this website is basically complete, as well as the new model for the logo, which I believe is going to be more permanent than previous iterations. However, we are still facing technical issues with mailing systems here. I miss you, ravi@rmattar.com

As for the Coronavirus Question, people continue to fall for this hoax, who has since it’s beggining been sacrificing entire livelihoods, local commerce and small businessess, destroying the middle class and assraping the poor, who have been losing their jobs by the millions. If anything, I just want the reader to think about this, with lockdown procedures big business thrive, small business close down. The rich get richer, the poor starve. The banks expand, governments go bankrupt. Got it?

People who have secure financial lives, such as industries that didn’t massfire people, like tech, or hold guaranteed government jobs are more than eager to virtue signal how much they care for others, by telling them to not leave their houses for anything. One whole year of progress and life has been lost.

On a lighter note, i’ve finnaly came around to add the Portfolio section to this website, now all I need to do is actually write them down, sic. I have to say I am really satisfied with how it’s looking. Still, other, new projects lie at the horizon, hint hint, inst.rmattar.com hint.

I’d also like to touch a bit on the subjects of philosophy. My experience conversing with Ethan and the others has helped me arrive in a conclusion. I am no longer a germanophile. Fuck them, long live Roma. Nearly all of my ancestors come from ancient Roman territories in the Mediterranean, I shall not let them down. I’ve also taken recent insterest in Latin and Roman paganism, the latter directed me to research a bit about the concept of

Interpretatio Romana

I shall talk more in depth about this later on, but it could generally be understood as the Roman understanding of foreign religions (or cultures, perhaps), and correleting them to their own, such as corresponding Greek gods to Roman gods. This was done extensivily to the Greeks, and also to Germans, Gauls and Egyptians. Correlations however, could be drawn to many other Indo-European peoples. My point being that, Interpretatio Romana puts in evidence just how close European peoples really are. Norfs and Meds are sister-worlds.

As for New Year’s itself? Great, family and festivities, beach and travels, what more could I ask? Among many other things, we went to visit a historic Italian colony deep in ES’s mountains. Very interesting indeed.

Some mistakes were commited by myself, but i’ve grown with them.

In general I guess I could say this year was more or less a strategic success, my main goals were achieved and side goals advanced. I would say I only commited two or three notable mistakes as a whole.

entre em