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Happy to be back writing.

First of all, with all the recent chaos, a toll has been taken on my mind, however, now (just as I write this) I have managed to find my way back to my anchor of sanity. Yes, the same realization that has kept me from the depths of insanity, has returned. As a sailor seeing the farol on the distance, and the certainty of safety, my mind has found its way back to light. It is, however, temporary, as all solutions are. Although it’s for the best, as every single time i’ve found my self drifting, deeper realizations and levels of understanding came with the madness.

I can feel it, right now, as I type this log, the energy i’ve discovered flowing through my body, and by God it is powerful, it intensifies every single thought of mine, but I believe that with every cycle that passes, the eccentricity of this wheel ever increases. I for one accept this fate, I accept all rewards it shall grant me, and negativities too. Although I understand that they are coming, I shall fight every single one of these weakenesses. Its is of my every essence to deny them, my ethos, my being revolves around not accepting this reality as it is, it urges my soul to fight it until the end. I’ve seen the light, and I shall do whatever it takes to keep it bright, I promess this to you, dear reader, and to myself.


Now back to normality, I shall adress the recent happenings in this niche. Of course, my reaction to the ongoing madness outside is of repulse, and one of basedness.

I have managed to land a new job, and I say now that it is greatly exceptional, great people and great environment, although ever bluepilled. Must admit tho, a hint of preocupation with my future lurks ever greater in my mind, as plans and foreseements of the future are drafted. My horizon looks promising, I shall bend the future to my will.

As for this recint, I have completely re-made it. As a deeper understanding of its purpose came to me, and a new cycle of appearance landed here. I must say I am greatly satisfied with its current appearance, although not the most professional of looks, I admit. I am also really proud of myself for finally getting the fuck out of Bitnami. One night I had such a pathetic problem with the stack (couldnt reset master password for mysql) after hours attempting to solve it, I straight up deleted the isntance on Lightsail, and created a fresh Ubuntu install, with no stack at all, and slowly installed the server again.

Setting up apache was a bit of a challenge tho, but I learned a great deal doing it.

— [my diary]

_ My Minecraft server is back, me and THE BOYS been having some good times there. SERENIA FOREVEEEER!!1!
_ I bought a microphone that is so good girls literally wet themselves
_ SAO is back and I’m not ready for it to finally end
_ The SAA continues to push the Rothschild’s proxy from their borders and it pleases me much

— [/my diary]

Anyway, on a less serious note, as I have witness the completion of the building besides me, I continue to dazzle on the beauty of this city, whenever I walk through my neighborhood, and I see the constant industriousness of the people, the beauty of the little houses, the charm of the small condo’s, the power of the large residential complexes, I feel such happiness, I love this city so much.

One day such inspiration sent me in a journey of searching about information of the various different neighborhoods here, and after that, the history of individual states. This keeps making stronger the fascination I have with the diversity of the peoples in this country, and of diffirent cultures in regions and states, ever deepening my love for the study of geography, history and demographics. This one night I stayed awake all along learning more about the Great Lakes peoples in East Africa, such fascinating region.

Anyway, that is all I shall have to offer you for now, come back again.

entre em